Thursday, 1 September 2011

User is Unable to see Pagelet on a Home page

If a user is not able to see Pagelet on a Home page despite having access to it, then it indicates that the Webserver Pagelet cache is corrupt. The only way to overcome this issue is to restart the webserver. But if this problem occurs during the middle of a day, then the below steps can be followed to force the webserver Home page Pagelet cache refresh.

Add a new page to Home page tab as a required fix (PeopleTools –> Portal –> Structure and Content –> Portal Objects –> Home Page –> Tabs ->Home).

Go to the tab – ‘Content Tab’ and add the new Pagelet as required fix and select the column (usually the last column). Save it and re-login with the id of the user who is not able to see the Pagelet. After this step, the user should be able to see the missing Pagelet. Remove the newly added Pagelet, as it is no longer needed. The following sql can be used to determine which Pagelet that user has access to.

SELECT * FROM PSPRUHTABPGLT where oprid = ’7420060' ORDER BY portal_col_num,portal_row_num;

For further reference, please visit MOS (My Oracle Support) and see the following resolution.

E-PORTAL: What Are The Tables Used By Portal Technology? [ID 651342.1]

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